This regulation will serve as a notice to runners. A physical copy will be distributed on the day of the race and its signature, along with the statement of responsibility is mandatory.

Runners are fully aware of the length and specifics of the race and be prepared to for it. Especially:

• Have gained, before the race, a real capacity for self-sufficiency in the mountains, which allows the management of problems posed by this type of trail;

• Know how to cope, without outside help, with climatic conditions which can become harsh (wind, cold, fog, night, rain or snow);

• Know how to manage, even if one finds oneself isolated, physical or mental problems resulting from extreme fatigue, digestive problems, muscle aches or the like;

• Be fully aware that it is not the role of the organizer to help a runner overcome these problems and that for such an outdoor activity, safety depends on the runner’s own capacity to adapt to the problems encountered or anticipated;

• These races are open to anyone, man or woman, born in 2005 or earlier.


Voluntary registration and then participation in the Prishtina Trails competition determines that the participant is familiar with these rules and agrees to fully accept the principles and regulations set here.


Registration will be open until 17.06.2024.


• It is not allowed to change competitions after registration and after the payment has been confirmed;

• Transfer of paid registration for another competition is not allowed;

• It is not allowed to participate with a certain initial number for another person.


The competition numbers (BIB) can be picked up on Saturday 22 June 2024 in Prishtina. It can be obtained in person by proving identity with an identity card or passport. A third person can obtain the bib number for another runner, only by bringing the original (not photocopy) of the signed authorization.


The term “independent” means the ability of a participant to be self-reliant in almost every part of the race. In addition to personal food and drink, this also applies to clothing and equipment during the race, enabling participants to adapt to the environment (high temperatures, wind, fog, storm, injury).

At checkpoints / refreshments the participant can get fast food and water from the race organizers, but between these points, the participant must be able to rely on equipment, food and drink, his / her readiness.

Because the race takes place in nature and mountains, participants must have the experience to adapt to the conditions of nature, unexpected changes in weather conditions, high temperatures, fog, rain, storms, encounters with animals.

The organizer will mark the road appropriately; however, participants should have a minimal sense of outdoor orientation.


In case a runner wants to leave the race (for any reason), he / she should contact a race official at the nearest assistance station and inform him / her in order to register in the system. Otherwise the Organizer will consider him lost and will pull out a search and rescue team for him.


In certain places, along the trail there will be medical and rescue teams in case of any emergency. In case of injury or any other need, participants will have to call the SOS phone provided by the organizer.

If they are in an area that is not covered by the telephone signal, they will need to forward the message to the next checkpoint – so that action can be taken as soon as possible.

Every runner is obliged to help any other injured competitor.

We suggest that each participant have an individual medical package in his / her bag: (paracetamol, bandages or clamps, iodine, thermoregulatory insulating cover).


By registering for the race, each competitor confirms that he or she is aware of the dangers of the race in nature and that he or she takes the risk personally. The organizer will do his best to reduce the risks, however, we kindly ask all contestants to follow our tips and recommendations:

We advise every contestant to have a health insurance.

We regularly advise all participants to monitor their health status and also recommend a pre-event stress test to determine the fitness / endurance level for this type of sport.

To maintain the safety and health of participants, medical screening teams can stop and remove a participant from the event if they are deemed unable to continue due to health complications or endangering their health.

If such a participant does not follow such instructions then the responsibility remains the same as participating in this competition.

However, participants will be asked to follow instructions from the event coordinator / assistants or volunteers and medical teams along the way. These supporting individuals will have identification marks.

Any violation of these guidelines will result in the disqualification of a competitor but as noted above if he / she decides to continue at all costs, the organizer takes no responsibility for possible side effects.

Any contestant who has any illness or medical condition is advised to consult a permit specialist to participate in this contest.


Checkpoints are places where runners’ time is recorded – this is done by volunteers. Participants must pass each checkpoint during the race. In case of non-registration at any checkpoint, runners will be disqualified from the race.

Control Stations are also refreshment points where runners will have the opportunity to get food (fruit, sweet and savory things), water and other refreshing things.


Each participant in Prishtina Trails will be given a plastic bag (drop bag), along with the necessary items of the participant which can be left before the start of the race. The bags will be returned to the participants at the end of the competition.

At the end of the race, participants will be able to pick up the bags at the finish only by showing the race number (bib number).

In case no one retrieves the bag within a period of 7 days from the end of the race, it will be destroyed for hygienic reasons.


The official marking of the trail will be done through coloured strips which will be placed at the right distance so that the competitors do not have a major problem with orientation. Use of GPS is permissible and recommended.

In case any participant is located in a part where there is no proper marking, it is obligatory to return to the last point where such marking is found.


All registered participants in Prishtina Trails races will be classified as follows:

– Seniors – (18-65) years old – Men (M)

– Seniors – (18-65) years old – Women (F)


By accepting these rules, each participant acknowledges that the name, photo may be used in all media and social networks either by the organizers or sponsors of this contest for promotional purposes and waives their claim for copyright on the photos. official of the competition.

Therefore, all official photos of the event are the property of the organizer and they can be used, used and taken without prior approval.


Prishtina Trails 2024 will be an environmentally responsible event. We invite all runners, volunteers and the public to be extremely careful and not to pollute the environment.

Plastic cups will not be provided for single use at help / refreshment stations. It is preferred that participants bring their own glass / bottle to refresh themselves at the designated stations.

Anyone caught polluting nature will be disqualified. Runners should carry litter with them and leave it at the next checkpoint in the litter bag. Let us strive to do our best to be an example to others and to contribute to keeping our nature pure and undefiled – for us and for future generations.



The organizer has the right to consider disqualified a competitor in the following situations:

• The participant is NOT registered at a checkpoint.

• Deliberately shortens the road along the trail.

• Does not help a participant who needs help.

• Use a means of transport along the trail, without being forced for health reasons.

• Opposes controls by organizers while running.

• Do not possess mandatory equipment or refuse to show it at a possible check by volunteers.

• Violates an order of a competent person – organizer, or medical support staff,

• Makes changes in the road or marking by deviating the other or the group.


Runners can file complaints no later than 48 hours after the decision on penalty and / or disqualification has been made by the race organizers. The complaint will be considered by the Complaints Commission (composed of at least 3 members of the Organizing Committee) and the adequate response will be provided to interested runners as soon as possible.


The organizer reserves the right to modify and change the race track, checkpoints / refresh points and start time at any time due to objective reasons.

In case of adverse weather, the organizer reserves the right to make changes to any part of the road or cancel the race.

The start of the run may change for several hours or it may shift due to adverse climatic conditions.


Runners must carry OBLIGATIVE equipment throughout the race. The organizer has the right to verify the mandatory equipment of the competitors at any checkpoint (even without warning) and if any of the competitors does not have any of them, he can be disqualified from the competition.

The equipment declared as RECOMMENDED by the organizer, is not mandatory to possess during the race, but it is strongly recommended for runners to have. The organizer reserves the right to change or improve the list of mandatory equipment depending on the weather forecast and other conditions. Participants will be notified by the organizer before the start of the competition.

The use of hiking sticks is allowed, if the participant decides to use.


• Race number: clearly visible

• Mobile phone: on all the time

• Headlamp: for participants in 47km

• Water: in bottles in a suitable backpack – minimum 1 liter

• Emergency cover

• whistle

• First aid kit


• Rain jacket: suitable for mountain conditions

• Hat / scarf

• Sun cream

• Energy chocolates or similar solid foods

• Walking sticks.


Checkpoints are places where runners’ time is recorded – this is done by volunteers. Participants must pass each checkpoint during the race. In case of non-registration at any checkpoint, runners will be disqualified from the race.

Control Stations are also refreshment points where runners will have the opportunity to get food (fruit, sweet and savory things), water and other refreshing things.