Prishtina Trails is an event organized by the X-Trailers running club that operates mainly in Prishtina. X-Trailers is an independent non-profit organization founded in 2018 in Prishtina. The mission of X-Trailers is “Promoting running for everyone’s health and empowering the club in a friendly atmosphere”. This mission is achieved through these three strategic goals, as follows:

– Good leadership and management of the organization, through continuous improvement of planning, implementation and reporting on activities, as well as through ensuring the financial sustainability of the club;

– Continuous increase in the number of regular members in running through the promotion of running as a key factor in improving health; AND

– Development of genuine relationships between club members through educational communication and accompanying activities.

X-Trailers is based on the following values:

– Passionate. X-Trailers runners appreciate the passion that club members bring, from top-level runners aiming to excel in racing, young people looking to develop as runners, recreational runners, to older runners. X Trailers bring the same passion to all who run and are proud to support all runners – without distinction – in their quest to achieve their goals.

– For the best. X-Trailers try to do their best and be the best. They value their position as a reliable organization that can provide high quality services. They value originality, innovation and creativity as tools to provide services to the community.

– Independent. X-Trailers assess the independence of the organization. This means that they maintain the organization financially and legally accountable, to ensure its long-term viability.

– For a good environment. X-Trailers promote and protect the environment and nature in general. As part of the running activities they also include elements of awareness and promotion of environmental protection.