Hey #HealthyRunner,

Let’s talk a little about the importance of health in running.

Running is not only an excellent physical exercise, but also has significant benefits for our mental well-being. It’s a fantastic way to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep your body and mind fit.

But as runners, we often tend to focus too much on our performance and statistics, such as: How many miles we’ve run; What’s the average time per mile; Whats the total ascent; and so on. Don’t get us wrong, there’s nothing wrong with checking your sports progress on Strava or pushing yourself to break your personal records during races like the Prishtina Trails.

However, in our daily lives, it is essential to look beyond these parameters and take care of our physical and mental health. This means having regular check-ups with a medical professional to assess our fitness levels and overall health.

So we encourage you to not only track your running progress on digital watches, but also get to know your body medically. It is essential to maintain a balance between pushing yourself to achieve your goals and taking care of your overall well-being.

Now, register for Prishtina Trails 2023 and join us for a healthy lifestyle!

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The starting point of Prishtina Trails 2023 will be Gërmia park, precisely the Gërmia Amphitheatre. The path for each of the distances will be marked with distinctive stripes and other guides.

Check points are necessary to validate the time of each runner. Runners must ensure that the time is recorded. Also, the checkpoints are supplied with necessary and sufficient refreshments and food.

At the end, each runner who successfully completes the race will be decorated with a medal from Prishtina Trails 2023.

We wish you luck.



The start of the Prishtina Trails 2023 race will be at the Gërmia Amphitheatre. Participants are invited to show up at least half an hour before the start time to receive the mandatory numbers.

The start for each category is this:

47K – 07:00

25K – 10:00

10K – 11:00

The list of competitors with respective starting times is published here.

The list of runners with respective starting times is published here.

The path we have chosen is known to many runners, but it is a new path that Prishtina Trails is officially using for the first time.

Download the digital map here according to the distance you will run.

We wish you the best of luck.

Prishtina Trails